Grade Appeal Policy

The grade appeal committee was formed by the Principal to assist in facilitating resolution when a grade is in dispute.  If a student believes a grade is unfair, unjust or incorrectly calculated, the student may appeal the grade issued via the following process:

The student must go to the Principals office (Rm 147) to receive a Grade Appeal form. With this form they are to complete the following:

1. Speak with the teacher who gave them the grade to make sure the student understands how the grade was earned / calculated. If this conversation resolves the dispute, the process ends here.  If the teacher agrees that there was an error in the grade, the teacher must file a grade change form with their Assistant Principal. If the issue is not resolved and the student still disputes the grade issued, then the student must have the teacher initial the form and move on to step 2.

2. The student must speak with the Assistant Principal of the department to review the grade for compliance with the departmental grading policy and the class contract.  If the Assistant Principal  concludes that an error was made in determining the grade, they must complete and submit a change of grade form.  If the Assistant Principal determines that the grade is unjust but cannot determine what the correct grade should be or if the Assistant Principal upholds the original grade issued and the student still disputes the grade,  the Assistant Principal must initial the form and the student moves on to step 3.

3. The student must collect proof of why they believe their grade is incorrect. They must submit all information requested on the grade appeal form (copy of report cards, homework, exams, projects, labs, etc.) and write a letter to the committee explaining their point of view. This must be submitted to the Principals office with in the time period allowed.

Additional Information

Grade appeals must be filed within the marking period following the student
receiving the disputed grade. If the disputed grade is received in June, the
appeal may be filed during first marking period the following school year.

Teachers must respond to the committee’s request for grade data, attendance records, and class contracts and may submit any information necessary to help review the grade.  Failure to submit the requested information may result in a grade being overturned.

Guidance Counselors may not file the appeal on behalf of the student.  The student must complete the process.

Assistant Principals with any additional insight into the grade are welcome to
write comments on the grade form or on a separate paper to assist the committee with their decision-making.

Grades that may result in summer school will be expedited.

Senior grade appeals in June that involve graduation will be expedited.

The committee is made up of teachers from various departments. When a teacher on the committee has a conflict of interest with the student making the appeal, they are excused from the process. The committee makes a recommendation to the Principal regarding the grade change request which the Principal can elect to follow or disregard.  The final decision belongs to the Principal.