Public Schools Athletic League

The mission of the Public Schools Athletic League is to provide opportunities for educating students in physical fitness, character development and socialization skills through an athletic program that fosters teamwork, discipline and sportsmanship.

Athletic Director: Todd Gerber
718-332-5000 ext 1401


Baseball & JV Baseball, Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Football & JV Football, Handball, Outdoor Track, Indoor Track, Rugby, Soccer, Volleyball, Wrestling


Basketball, Bowling, Cross Country, Handball, Outdoor Track, Indoor Track Softball, Volleyball


Robotics Club, Yearbook Club, Gaming Club

Baseball Boys Varsity
Andrew Pfeffer |

Basketball Boys Jr. Varsity
Basil Leslie |

Basketball Boys Varsity
Karl Sanders |

Basketball Girls Varsity
Denise Mcghie |

Bowling Boys Varsity
Guido Caligara |

Bowling Girls Varsity
Karl Sanders |

Cross Country Boys
Lindsey Christie |

Cross Country Girls
Lisa Kureczka |

Football Boys Jr. Varsity
Christine Shouldis |

Football Boys Varsity
Andrew Jashyn |

Handball Boys Varsity
Guido Caligara |

Indoor Track Boys
Indoor Track Girls
Outdoor Track Boys
Outdoor Track Girls
Cross Country Boys
Cross Country Girls
Lisa Kureczka | & Lindsey Christie |

Rugby Boys Varsity
Andrew Jashyn |

Soccer Boys Varsity
Victor Popovsky |

Softball Girls Varsity

Volleyball Boys Varsity
Basil Leslie |

Volleyball Girls Varsity
Lisa Kureczka |

Wrestling Boys Varsity
Andrew Jashyn |