Information Technology Program

Program Description: Students will learn the skills necessary to work in IT-related fields. Topics include cabling with copper and fiber optics, computer repair, and the fundamentals of computers.


Program Course Sequence
Grade LevelCourse CodeCourse Name
9TSS61TIC3 Term 1
9TSS62TIC3 Term 2
10TSS63TNetwork Cabling-Copper
10TSS64TNetwork Cabling-Fiber
11TSS65TComputer Repair Term 1
11TSS66TComputer Repair Term 2
12TYS21XAP Computer Science Principles

Certifications Obtained

C-Tech Copper Cabling C-Tech Fiber Optic Cabling CompTIA IT Fundamentals CompTIA A+
Microsoft Technical Associate (Windows, Security, Networking)

Grade Level Activity
9 – 12 NY Exploring Program provides opportunities for youth to explore careers in a field of their choice. The program offers on-site training throughout the year.
9 Trips & events – such as Hour of Code, the Apple store, Cooper Hewitt Museum trip
10 Computer Science Fair
11 30 Hour General Industry OSHA Course
12 Internship – Partner with CTE Industry Scholars Pro- gram to receive a 60 hour IT internship
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Job Opportunities in Field Salary Range

Computer Support




Line Installers and Repairers (Fiber Optics)

$37,600- $99,860

Telecommunications Equipment Installers and Repairers

$37,600- $99,860

Software Developers

$59,870- $164,150

Network Architects

$58,160- $162,390

Computer Systems

Industry Partners Post‐Secondary Opportunities
Verizon Logo
Verizon, the largest telecomm-
unication company in the world,
is always looking for technicians
to install and work on their net‐
works and backbones to bring
telephone and internet service to
BMCC has a number of certification
programs and Associate degrees geared
towards computer information systems
or information technology.

Apple LogoGoogle Logo

Google & Apple are the big players
in the IT world. We partner with them
to run educational trips to their facilities.
They have many programs and are always
looking for the best to work for them.

NYC Logo
NYC College of Technology has a few
Bachelor’s Programs (Computer Infor‐
mation Systems & Information Technol‐
ogy) that will bring IT, students, to the next
level of knowledge.
Metropolitan Logo
The Metropolitan Transportation Au‐
thority is always looking for people
to work on their systems which have be‐
come more and more computer-based.
SUNY Delhi offers an Associates
& Bachelor’s in IT‐related fields. They
combine business with technology and
offer a Bachelor’s in Business & Tech‐
nology Management.

Career Development & Occupational Studies
(CDOS) Credential

This credential recognizes students'
preparation for entry-level work through
mastery of the CDOS learning standards.
Students complete a career plan,
employability profile, and 216 hours of
career preparation experiences, including
at least 54 hours of school-supported work-
based learning. The CDOS may be awarded
as a sole exiting credential, earned as an
endorsement to a diploma, or used to fulfill
the +1 option.

Workplace etiquette covered in the program:

Interpersonal skills such as courtesy, manners &

Ability to collaborate

Ability to follow through

Time management

Ability to accept criticism

Ability to interview

People/socialization skills

Ability to grow

Ability to speak publicly

Communication & listening skills


Ability to write a resume & cover letter