Nursing Assistant Program

Program Description: This is a state-approved education program in which students learn the basic principles of nursing and complete supervised clinical work. Grady’s Nursing Assistant Program is designed to prepare the student to work as an entry-level Nursing Assistant.

Our program introduces students to health care principles integrated with the core educational subjects. Following the completion of the program, students must pass their state competency exam to become certified.

Students will develop the ability to utilize the concepts, skills, and behaviors necessary to obtain employment and/or pursue a college education in the health care field.

Program Course Sequence
Grade Level Course Code Course Name
9 KNS41T Nursing Health Core 1
9 KNS42T Nursing Health Core 2
10 KNS43T Nursing Health Core 3
10 KNS44T Nursing Health Core 4
11 KNS56T Health Assisting Term 1
11 KNS66T Health Assisting Term 2
12 KNS21THE/KNS21TY Nursing Internship 1 &  Nursing Theory 1
12 KNS22THE/KNS22TY Nursing Internship 2 &  Nursing Theory 2

Certifications Obtained

New York State Nurse Aide 

Health Assisting Credential

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Grade Level Activity
9 – 12
NY Exploring Program provides opportunities for youth to explore careers in a field of their choice. The program offers on‐site training throughout the year.

9 – 11
Nursing program college tours at LIU, Medgar Evers College, Kingsborough Community College, and others

9 – 11
Coney Island Hospital departmental tour, trip to Liberty Science Center to see a live surgery, and other trips to promote the field.

American Heart Association CPR class

Internship ‐ Required 108-hour nursing internship at a nursing home. This internship will have you working with the nursing staff and parents in the facility
Job Opportunities in Field Salary Range


Medical Assistant


$26,000 ‐ $39,000

Emergency Medical  Technician

$27,000 – $48,000


Licensed Practical Nurse


$40,000 – $56,000

Registered Nurse

$65,000 – $95,000

Nurse Practitioner

$88,000 ‐ $108,000


Radiology Technician


$54,000 ‐ $69,000 


Pharmacy Technician


$23,000 ‐ $42,000 


Medical Billing Receptionist/Coder


$35,000 ‐ $51,000 
Industry Partners Post-Secondary Opportunities

Sheepshead Bay Nursing & Rehabilitation center is the location for NURSING & REHABILITATION CENTER our mandatory internship for students in the program. Students work with RNs making rounds & learning.

SUNY Downstate is not only a school but also ill OWNSTATE Health Sciences University a hospital. Their College of Nursing consists of a Bachelor’s degree, a number of Graduate degree programs, and even a Doctoral degree program.

Memorial Sloan Kettering is one of the leading centers in cancer treatment and provides opportunities for students to compete and shadow profes-

LIU has the Harriet Rothkopf Heilbrunn School of Brooklyn Herrier Nursing, which provides a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. LIU also contains a Master’s degree if you want to continue your education as a Family Nurse Practitioner or Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner.

NYC HEALTH+ Coney Island Hospital is right HOSPITALS around the corner and provides internships and tours of their facilities to students.

Medgar Evers College offers three pro- MEDGAR EVERS grams in Nursing, namely a certificate Licensed Practical Program, an Associate’s in Applied Science & a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.

The BQLI-AHEC provides Internship ahec Programs to high school students. Brooklyn-Queens-Long Island Area Health Education Center The program is six weeks long and exposes students to a variety of careers in the health field with a focus on is sues affecting their communities.

St.Joseph’s St. Joseph’s College offers a Bachelor’s de- College 1916 gree in Nursing. If you want to learn about other areas of the health field, they also have a Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration & a dual degree with Health Care Management. They also have certificate programs for Home Care Administration & Hospice.

Career Development & Occupational Studies
(CDOS) Credential

This credential recognizes students'
preparation for entry-level work through
mastery of the CDOS learning standards.
Students complete a career plan,
employability profile, and 216 hours of
career preparation experiences, including
at least 54 hours of school-supported work-
based learning. The CDOS may be awarded
as a sole exiting credential, earned as an
endorsement to a diploma, or used to fulfill
the +1 option.

Workplace etiquette covered in the program:

Interpersonal skills such as courtesy, manners &

Ability to collaborate

Ability to follow through

Time management

Ability to accept criticism

Ability to interview

People/socialization skills

Ability to grow

Ability to speak publicly

Communication & listening skills


Ability to write a resume & cover letter