Automotive Program

Program Description: This program provides students with comprehensive training and hands-on experience working with automobiles. Students will have the ability to receive ASE certifications in the areas of automobile engines, suspension, and brakes.

Program Course Sequence
Grade Level Course Code Course Name
9 RAS61T
Intro to Automotive

9 RAS62T ASE Engine Repair
10 RAS63T ASE Brakes
10 RAS64T
ASE Suspension & Steering

11 RAS65T ASE Electrical
11 RAS66T ASE Vehicle Maintenance
12 RQS11TY

Certifications Obtained

ASE—A1 Engine Repair
ASE—A4 Suspension & Steering
ASE—A8—Engine Performance
ASE—G1—Auto Maintenance & Light Repair
OSHA—30 hour General Industry

Grade Level Activity
9 – 12 NY Exploring Program provides opportunities for youth to explore careers in a field of their choice. The program offers on-site training throughout the year.
9 – 11 Post‐Secondary visits to learn about the schools  that have automotive programs & visits from 
9 Visit & tour the NYPD Fleet Center to learn how one of the largest fleets of vehicles is main‐
10 Visit & tour Ford Dealerships to learn about positions and opportunities there
11 OSHA 30 Hour General Industry 
12 Internship—Partner with CTE Industry Scholars Program to receive a 60-hour internship where you will experience a career in Automotives. 
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Snap On Industries
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Job Opportunities in Field Salary Range


Automotive Mechanic



Field Operator


Automotive Sales



Shop Foreman 




Service Dispatcher 



MTA Worker



Field Service Coordinator


Industry Partners Post-Secondary Opportunities


The NYPD is always looking for mechanics to fix its extensive fleet of motorcycles, cars, trucks,  headquarter RV’s, and Hybrid vehicles.

Suffolk Logo
Suffolk County Community College has programs that will provide an Associate’s in automotive. They have partnerships with Toyota, Honda & General Motors to provide specific training
Citywide Logo
The Department of Citywide Administrative Services provides services to support the operations of the NYC government.  It recruits,  hires & trains employees.
Bronx CUNY Logo
Bronx Community College is a CUNY that offers an Associates's degree and a certificate program in automotive. They are an ASE-certified program with a partnership with Nissan & Infiniti.

Metro Authority Logo
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is always looking for people to repair and work on our transit system.

Ford Logo

One of the giants in automotive. Hires staff to sell, fix and transports vehicles. 

NY Automotive Diesel Institute  (NYADI) is an automotive-only college that provides certificate programs or  Associate’s degrees in a number of automotive fields.  

Career Development & Occupational Studies
(CDOS) Credential

This credential recognizes students'
preparation for entry-level work through
mastery of the CDOS learning standards.
Students complete a career plan,
employability profile, and 216 hours of
career preparation experiences, including
at least 54 hours of school-supported work-
based learning. The CDOS may be awarded
as a sole exiting credential, earned as an
endorsement to a diploma, or used to fulfill
the +1 option.

Workplace etiquette covered in the program:

Interpersonal skills such as courtesy, manners &

Ability to collaborate

Ability to follow through

Time management

Ability to accept criticism

Ability to interview

People/socialization skills

Ability to grow

Ability to speak publicly

Communication & listening skills


Ability to write a resume & cover letter