Real-Time Parent and Student Engagement

PupilPath mobile application allows parents to have instant access to their child’s class performance information on the go, including:

• Up-to-date classroom progress
• Attendance live as it is taken
• Grades and status of assignments and exams
• Assignment due dates and descriptions
• Student GPA and averages in class grading categories
• Report card grades
• Daily schedule

School Guidelines & Resources

Useful Websites and Phone Numbers: – new website that offers school children from kindergarten to 12th grade research materials, study tips, and access to the city’s literary resources. It has been created through collaboration between the New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library, and Queens Public Library, with input from the city Department of Education. – All Kinds of Minds is a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and promoting programs, interventions and tools that assist struggling students. The organization produces a monthly newsletter with tips and strategies for understanding learning differences and boosting student achievement. The website and newsletter feature articles on home-school partnerships and parent involvement in student success.

Dial-A-Teacher – Free homework help Monday through Friday 4 – 7 PM.
Call 212-777-3380

Tips for You

Your children need you to be interested and involved in their academic progress. Your children, however, must be responsible for their own grades, attendance, and behavior.

If Your Child is Not Doing Well in School
Most students who don’t do well in school feel like failures. They are frustrated, discouraged and sometimes angry. The “I don’t care” attitude they often display is a defense mechanism. Its important for these students to know that their parents have not given up on them. They also need to know that their parents are interested, supportive, and willing to take the time to help them figure out how to be more successful in school.