Taking a full practice test helps your students build the experience and endurance they’ll need to do well on the real SAT. Encourage your students to create their SAT practice schedules and set aside time for a practice test if they haven’t already.
Once your students are ready to sit down and take a SAT practice test, this video will walk them through every step of the process in real time. In it, Sal and members of the Khan Academy team explain step by step how to find the free practice test on Khan Academy and then give timing cues throughout the practice test so it’s as close to the real experience as possible.
To see which students schedule and complete a practice test, go to your Coach dashboard, select a class, click the SAT tab, and scroll down to the Recent SAT activity section. See our SAT coach tools guide for more details.
Good luck to your students on their practice tests. And, be sure to pass our congratulations on to those who complete one!
The Khan Academy team

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