Important Summer School Information

Here are some key pieces of information regarding summer school.
· Start & End Date: July 6th – August 14th
· Instructional Days: Classes are Monday – Thursday. Fridays are given to students to work on assignments on their own
· Bell Schedule: Period 1 – 8:30 to 10:10 AM, Period 2 – 10:10 to 11:50 AM, Period 3 – 11:50 – 1:30 PM
· Website you will use for remote learning: (iLearnNYC app)
· Account you will be using: Your new DOE account (must be activated – info below)
· Program to give you instruction: Edmentum (automatically will come up when pressing iLearnNYC app)
· Program to use for meeting with teachers: Zoom
· Period 0 & 4 Classes: These classes are from last term that you received a NX as a final grade. NX means that your teacher thought you did not master enough of the course material to give a passing grade of 65 or higher. You will be taking portions of the class via iLearn to satisfy the course material from last term.
To Activate your new DOE account OR Reset your password: In order to activate your account, please take these necessary steps:
1. Go to 2. Enter your OSIS # (StudentID) & Date of Birth in the slots provided 3. You will be given your username. Click the continue button. 4. Create your password
Students scheduled for Periods 1 – 3 will be in classes that are traditional. You will meet with a teacher Monday – Thursday, work on assignments, receive instruction via Zoom by the teacher and run the entire length of summer school. **NOTE** Students in these classes are most likely in them to be granted a waiver for the regent you need to take. This fact is very important.
Students in Period 0 classes are in the class to make up coursework from last term to receive a passing grade for that class. Students in these classes will be given work using edmentum, given by Grady teacher(s) (most likely) to complete on their own time (or during set specific times).
Besides your teachers, which may or may not be Grady teachers, the following Grady staff members are working during summer school and can support you when you need it (or reach out to them via Pupilpath).
· Ms. Montalbano –<>
· Ms. Leitzsey –<>
· Ms. Matone –<>
· Mr. McPhail –<>
· Mr. Finkel –<>
iLearnNYC Tech Support for Students: (Available Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM or Saturday/Sunday – 8 AM – 5 PM)
· Email:<>
· Phone: 1-88-995-9866
· Online chat support available by clicking the small chat box feature in the bottom right of screen

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