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I came across your Youtube channel and was wondering if you ever do product reviews or influencer campaigns. If you do, we’d love to have you in our network doing commissioned videos and product reviews via We’re an influencer marketing platform that helps connect small business and medium sized brands with willing product reviewers across a variety of mediums and blogs; reviewers are compensated monetarily and /or with product by the brands that reach out.
If you’ve made the transition from creative to creative influencer, or if you haven’t yet but are interested in doing so, it will cost you nothing as an influencer and we’d be very happy to have you in the family.
While the typical experience would include brands reaching out to you inside our app, we’re excited to have recently launched a new system where you as an influencer can view what brands are looking for and interact with them directly. Check out what some of our brands are offering here:
If you’re not quite ready to sign up but are interested in learning more about what influencer marketing is all about, I encourage you to check out our introduction video:
Joe Sinkwitz
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