Why choose school uniforms?

1. Keep the focus on the school work

  • Uniforms reduce the peer pressure and influence of fashion.
  • Uniforms reduce distractions caused by suggestive attire and jewelry.
  • Students from less affluent households aren’t teased or humbled due to their appearance.
  • The primary goal becomes student self expression through school work, intellect and character.


2. Improve School Safety

  • Studies show that violence, thefts, and gang influence decrease with uniform use.
  • Teachers and administrators can identify individuals not enrolled at their school. Security and control at school grounds increase.


3. Create pride in the community

  • Uniforms identify and engage students to be contributing members of their community.
  • A uniform dress code helps prepare students for future roles in professional and corporate work.
  • Embroidered or screened school logos become an emblem of “team spirit” in schools and neighborhoods.


4. Less Expensive than Fashion

  • Uniforms save parents money by reducing spending on fashion.
  • School uniforms are specially made to outperform and outlast chanin store clothing


5. Popular with Parents

  • Uniforms make mornings easier for busy parents. Children get dressed quickly and clean up is easy.
  • Once in place, uniforms programs grow quickly, spreading to nearby school systems and communiites.