CTE Credit Requirements

Career & Technical Education Students: Credit Requirements

These requirements apply only to students enrolled in a state-approved CTE Program of Study. Students meeting these requirements become eligible for a technical endorsement on their diploma. Students are advised to consult with their guidance counselor to confirm whether and how these requirements apply to them.


Subjects Regents Diploma Advanced Regents Diploma
English 8 8
Social Studies 8 8
Global History 4 4
U.S.History 2 2
Economics 1 1
Participation in Government 1 1
Science(Including LAB) 6* 6*
Life Science 2 2
Physical Science 2 2
Life or Physical Sci. 2 2
Mathematics 6* 6*
Languages Other Than English (LOTE) 2 6**
Visual Art, Music,Dance and/or Theater 2^ 2^
Health and Physical Education 5 5
Physical Education 4 4
Health Education 1 1
Elective 7+ 7+
Total 44+ 44+


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* No more than 4 credits may be awarded for any commencement-level math or science course designed to culminate in a Regents exam.
** Students completing Arts or CTE endorsements to the Advanced Regents Diploma are only required to complete 2 credits of a language other than English and are not required to take the LOTE Exam.