CTE Programs


CTE Programs

What is Career and Technical Education?

gradysealCareer & Technical Education focuses on exploration of the self in relation to the world of careers and productive citizenship. Through Career and Technical Education, students experience rigorous and challenging classroom instruction linked to relevant, structured, real-world experiences. Students learn from educators and business and industry leaders what is expected from them in the workplace, and they see how classroom learning applies directly to their future adult roles as family members, workers, and citizens. They are provided multiple opportunities to explore their interests, work behaviors, and aptitudes. They are introduced to a variety of career options and learn the level of skills and education required for those careers. In short, students leave school well prepared and more focused on their future career and educational choices.

Why choose William E. Grady Career and Technical High School?

  • A College-Prep Curriculum with a Career ThemeHigher Ducation Partnerships
  • Academic courses that meet college entrance requirements
  • Courses each year in career fields
  • Projects that bring together skills in academic and career classes
  • Counseling for a post-secondary plan for college and career
  • A Small Learning Community
  • Students take specialized academy classes
  • Teams of cross disciplinary teachers
  • Full student involvement in school and extracurricular activities.
  • Partnerships with Employers, Community and Higher Education
  • Workplace experiences
  • Articulation with local colleges
  • Outstanding Faculty Many of Grady’s faculty members are considered experts in their field through certifications they have received. This is a faculty that goes the extra mile to make sure their lessons are linked to real world application.