Pupil Path

Parents, track your kids progress with Pupil Path

Do you know about Pupil Path? It’s a new interactive website that Grady uses to keep everyone on track and connected – staff, teachers, parents, and students. On Pupil Path, you can check your student’s academic progress, view their attendance, and read anecdotal logs left by teachers.

Pupil Path is a very important source of information for you and your child, and a very simple and convenient way to monitor your child’s progress. Below is a quick guide to getting started. Download the full document (courtesy of



Register at (click ARE YOU A NEW USER? and complete the
information). After registering, click on the link in the Datacation email sent to you.
Log into

  • Class Schedule: This tab displays your child’s current schedule and teachers.
  • Assignment Tab / Assignment Shortcut:  This tab displays your child’s assignments and grades on those assignments. Choose from the All Assignments view, the Upcoming Assignments View and the Graded Assignments view
  • Grades Tab / Grades Shortcut:  This tab displays your grades, past and present. Choose from Class Performance view, Report Card view, Transcript view, or Exam view.
  • Attendance Tab / Attendance Shortcut: This tab displays your child’s Daily attendance history and Course attendance history.
  • Calendar Tab: This tab displays your child’s daily attendance history as well as class attendance forany class where the teacher is using the online attendance function.
  • Progress Tab: This tab compares your child’s earned credits against the school Tracking and the New York State Graduation requirements.