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Scholars On The Move Take Manhattan!

By: Ms. Jackson & Ms. Walters

On Saturday, December 18, ”Scholars on the Move” left Brooklyn behind for several hours and ventured into Manhattan. Seven students from the newly developed program, geared to motivate students to improve their attendance at school, along with Facilitators; Ms. Walters and Ms. Jackson walked to the train station and took the Q train to the last stop. We walked down to Sony Wonder Lab, where the students enjoyed learning through hands on experience about technology. The 3 story adventure was fascinating and had vintage TV sets, Atari and the first Nintendo game systems; it was a bit nostalgic to the facilitators. Students were on TV as news reporters, creators of their own movies and performed on stage with different instruments, and I could go on. At the end of the experience, each student left with a certificate with their name and picture on it along with all the activities that they participated in.

Next stop….Rockefeller Center. We hustled and bustled down 5th Ave amidst crowds of folks doing Christmas shopping and/ or touring our great city. We saw the Christmas tree, Angels and people ice skating on the rink. We proceeded down 5th ave and passed by St. Patrick Cathedral as we eagerly looked for a place to eat.
Sbarro’s was the agreed upon spot to soothe our hunger pains. Student’s enjoyed each others company as they talked and got to know one another. The last stop was the historic New York City Public Library. What an amazing building. Some students tried to obtain a library card, others looked for outlets to charge cell phones and others enjoyed going on the computers to check their Facebook accounts and search other sites of interest. We left the library at 4pm and headed to Times Square to take the train back to Brooklyn.


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