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Changes at Grady

By: Hugo Orellana

The 2010-2011 school year is going to be the school year for change because the student government is making that their primary goal. The President, Jade Seymore, Vice President Brianna Newman, Secretary Shawn Cox, and Treasurer Hugo Orellana, are planning on making this an enjoyable school year for all. One goal that we have for this year is to clean up our school. To make an effort towards this, we plan on cleaning our school cafeteria, which has been a mess for quite a few years now. I remember when I first arrived in Grady and the lunch room was not such a good place to be. This year we plan on teaching students a lesson that this is the real life and in the “real” world, there is no one to pick up after them.

Ms. Maione is helping to promote our cause by making announcements and advising students to be more respectful to the school and their peers by cleaning up after themselves. The Student government has also had a meeting with Ms. Maione on this important issue. The student Government members go into the lunchroom every period in which they are free and assist in monitoring/cleaning the cafeteria. Since we have started this project, people are now cleaning up after

themselves when they are done eating. There has been a decrease in trash on the ground and people stopped with the misbehavior and the horse playing. This change can be because people are scared of being taken out of school activities such as sports and events or it can be because they know that we are serious about what we want done this year. “The consequences aren’t enough for these kids”, says one student. The Student Government were told that we need to “spread the word” to our classmates. To do this, we should communicate with out fellow classmates because we can relate/listen to teens rather than adults. I remember a cafeteria staff member telling a student to pick up his trash, of course he ignored her, but when I asked politely, he understood and helped me clean as he replied “I got Chu Hugo.” In conclusion, we honestly hope to make this a great year for the whole Grady HS. The Student Government plans on making great changes to our school one way or another. We can hope that the students and staff will help us achieve our goal because the more help the better. Please clean up after yourself and others. If possible, show them who the bigger person is by doing the right thing.


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