Assistant Principals

Gerber, Todd
AP of Organization & ESL
718-332-5000 X1401

I started my educational career in 2001 as a mathematics teacher here at Grady. In 2007, I became the APO. I am in charge of the daily operations of the building, including personnel, technology, payroll, purchasing, student attendance, staff attendance, the school’s budget and school-wide communications.
Rosemarie Tartaglione
AP of Math, English & Security
718-332-5000 X2420

Infantolino, Jodi
AP of Guidance, Instructional Support & Phys. Ed
718-332-5000 X1420

 MrHolder Holder, Spencer
AP of Social Studies, Science & CTE Programs
718-332-5000 X3411 or
718-332-5000 X1090